MSSQL 2012 Reporting Services

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Windows Hosting Plan that support MSSQL 2012 Reporting Services hosting

MSSQL 2012 Reporting Services

WebHostforASP.NET offers SQL 2012 Reporting Services hosting as an optional addon! SQL 2012 Reporting Services can connect with both SQL 2012 databases and SQL 2005 databases.

First released with MS SQL Server 2000, SQL 2005 Reporting Services, and the latest SQL 2012 Reporting Services is a server-based solution that enables the authoring, management, and delivery of reports. With SQL Reporting Services, organizations can create reports with design tools that use the XML-based industry standard, Report Definition Language. Report definitions are published and managed as Web services and users can view reports in a web browser, via email or other formats.

In addition to performance and scalability improvements, Server 2012 Reporting Services provides a richer developer experience and expands management options. With Visual Studio 2012 integration, developers have a common design environment for authoring reports and freely redistributable Report Viewer controls facilitate embedding reports into ASP.NET applications. In addition, Reporting Services deployment can be managed through SQL Server Management Studio.

To support SQL 2012 Reporting Services, WebHostforASP.NET introduces enhancements to their Dot Net Panel Control Panel with a SQL 2012 Reporting Services User Manager. With this tool, customers can add/remove/manage additional SQL Reporting Services users in real-time.

Steps to use MSSQL 2012 Reporting Services

  • Purchase Hosting Plan with MS SQL 2012 database
  • Purchase addon 2012 Reporting Services
  • Create support ticket for installation

Key SQL 2012 Database Hosting Features

SQL 2012 hosting on dedicated SQL 2012 servers

Separate SQL 2012 Servers SQL databases are hosted on optimized and secure and separate SQL 2012 servers. We DO NOT host SQL on the same boxes as customer websites, as this would degrade server performance and security!

WebhostforASP.NET Support Microsoft SQL 2012 hosting with remote SQL management. Connect to your MS SQL 2012 database with SQL Management Studio.

Other MS SQL 2012 Hosting & Control Panel Features

  • DBO Rights to SQL 2012
  • Stored procedure support
  • Full text search
  • ASP.NET SQL Session
  • T-SQL Enhancements
  • XML Data Types
  • SQLXML 4.0
  • Multiple Active Result Set (MARS)
  • XQuery
  • Triggers
  • SQL Cache Dependency
  • SQL Native Client
  • Order Multiple SQL 2012 Database Addons
  • SQL Disk Space Meter
  • SQL Login Password Reset Tool
  • Additional SQL 2012 Login Manager
  • And more....

On-Demand SQL 2012 Hosting Tool Suite

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