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MojoPortal is an Object-Oriented web site content management framework written in C# that runs under ASP.NET on Windows. Available for free, you can think of mojoPortal as a Starter Kit for Advanced ASP.NET Web Sites and Portals.

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MojoPortal Hosting

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All our web hosting plans fully support MojoPortal Web Hosting. You need SQL Server database to have your own MojoPortal website running. We do not provide free installation of MojoPortal. You need to install this yourself manually.

Why should use MojoPortal?

When you need to build a web application you usually have some business functionality in mind. If you build on top of mojoPortal you already have navigation, security, search, personalization features, localization features, and skinning done for you so you can get right to work on your business functionality and not have to implement those things yourself.

You can think of mojoPortal as a Starter Kit for Advanced ASP.NET Web Sites and Portals.

Of course if you just need a dynamic database driven web site with an XHTML compliant Content Management System, Blogs, Forums, Image Galleries, and that sort of thing mojoPortal fits the bill as well.

For developers the mojoPortal source code is a great learning tool where you can see reference implementation for:
  • Working with various databases in .NET (MS SQL, MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite)
  • using MasterPages, CSS, and themes to skin a site
  • working with the ASP.NET 2.0 WebParts framework
  • and in general best practices in implementing enterprise class, fast and scalable web applications.

MojoPortal Web Hosting Features

  • Blogs
  • Forums
  • Image Gallery
  • RSS Feed Aggregator
  • Event Calendar
  • Contact Form
  • User Profile Page
  • Member List Page
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Support for Windows NTLM authentication
  • Personalization with WebParts
  • Table-less CSS layouts
  • Configure use of SSL for the whole Site or per Page
  • Send Password Feature (when not using encryption)
  • Url Re-writing for mapping friendly Urls to site pages
  • Site Search with Role based filtering
  • Error logging and optional debug logging
  • Configurable Whether to Encrypt Passwords
  • Configurable Whether Registration requires e-mail confirmation
  • Support for LDAP Authentication using Active Directory or OpenLDAP
  • Custom Skinning with support for user selectable skins and individual skins per page
  • Runs under Windows/IIS or mono/Apache with most GNU/Linux distributions or Mac OS X
  • Works with MS SQL Server, MySQL, or PostgreSQL databases
  • Host multiple sites on 1 installation and db with host names
  • XHTML Compliant Content Management with support for work flow and approval/publishing process
  • Enter content with the FCKeditor HTML WYSIWYG
  • File Manager - use with caution, provides direct access to the server file system.
  • Shared Files module - looks and acts like the File Manager module but stores and manages files in a safe way on the server. Folders are really database items as are the friendly file names. Files are stored securely in a special folder and named using guid strings and a .config extension. This prevents them from being requested or served with a normal http request. Authorized users can download because the module serves them using Response.WriteFile. The module also supports versioning of files.
  • Localization - all labels and image alt text comes from a configuration file
  • Dynamic HTML Cross Browser Menu

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