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WebHostForASP.NET support MS SQL 2000 Web Hosting. All Web hosting plans can request for MS SQL 2000 addon at anytime and we have made MS SQL hosting at a very affordable prices and yet maintain the performance and reliability. We do not overload Our Database Server to ensure performance and reliability for your website. use MS SQL 2012 hosting technology and NO LONGER support MS SQL 2000 for new signup. MSSQL 2012 is the latest edition of SQL and it is fully compatible with MS SQL 2012.

We have our own certified DBA to monitor SQL Server everyday and continuously enhance the performance on our SQL Server by regularly running the maintenance plan.

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Our MS SQL 2000 Database Hosting comes with full remote access from anywhere. You Query Analyzer, MS SQL Management Studio or any third party database connectivity software. You have full rights for your database, you can run any script as you like including the ASP.NET Membership Software

Today, SQL Server 2000 can claim to be the fastest database in the world with groundbreaking TPC-C (Transaction Processing Performance Councils) benchmarks ( These benchmarks have demonstrated that "SQL Server 2000 offers the industry's best price-to-price performance ratio on clustered hardware". A SAP endorsement for SQL says, "SAP is convinced that SQL Server 2000 on Windows 2000 would now meet the needs of every R/3 customer around the world."

With a maximum database size of roughly 1,000,000 terabytes, and up to 16 simultaneous instances of the Server that can be run on a single computer, SQL Server 2000 is ready to sweep the depths of enterprise-level database management.

MS SQL 2000 Hosting Features

  • Powerful e-commerce tool

    Apart from online retailers and web publishers, most businesses today have become web-centric and have set foot in to the domain of e-commerce quite willingly. SQL Server 2000 provides all the tools needed to create powerful e-commerce applications.

  • Analysis Service

    Entering and exchanging data or OLTP (Online transaction processing) is only one part of database management. OLAP or Online Analytical Processing services make it possible to analyze high-level of aggregation of data and trace patterns. SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services is a direct descendant of SQL Server 7 OLAP Server but with vastly enhanced services.

  • Data Mining

    Data mining helps users analyze data in voluminous relational databases and multidimensional OLAP cubes to uncover hidden patterns that can be used to predict future trends. SQL Server 2000 allows the use of clustered algorithms that help record data that exhibit similar and predictable characteristics into clusters. For example, you could record the behavior of a potential buyer and base your marketing campaign on these results.

  • Web based Analysis

    SQL Server 2000 expands all its features on to the web. Remote users who are not connected to the Intranet can access data through HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol).

  • Enhanced Security

    A source cube can be defined at the owner's end and sensitive information can be stored in it securely, but still made available to other sources through linked cubes.Additional Security for individual bits of data (cells and dimensions) control the access to data at virtually every level. SQL Server 2000 also incorporates special permissions for databases that require secure logins and authentication.

  • Full Text Search

    This is a separate program (Microsoft Search Service) that indexes all sorts of information from most of the Back Office products. Digitally stored information is in the form of unstructured textual data and saved in a plain text file or formatted documents. Full text Search enables access to data in a uniform manner.

Optional ADD-ONS MS SQL 2000 Reporting Services

SQL Reporting Services
SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services (RS) is a powerful solution that enables the authoring, management, and delivery of both paper-oriented reports and interactive Web-based reports. With SQL Reporting Services, organizations can create reports to be published to the Report Server using Microsoft or third-party design tools that use Report Definition Language (RDL), an XML-based industry standard. Report definitions and resources are published and managed as Web services and users can view reports in Web-based formats or via email.

MS SQL 2000 Database Features with WebhostforASP.NET

  • Full dbo access to your database
  • You can run any script as you like
  • Remote Access from anywhere using your favourite Database Connectivity Software
  • Support MS SQL management studio, Query Analyzer, DTS and etc.
  • Stored Procedure Support
  • Hosted on completely dedicated server
  • We do not mix Database Server with Web Servers


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