Microsoft Sharepoint Web Hosting fully support Windows Sharepoint Hosting or WSS Hosting Windows SharePoint Web Hosting (WSS) is a collection of services for Microsoft Windows Server 2003 that you can use to create team-oriented Web sites to share information and foster collaboration with other users on documents.

Windows Sharepoint Web Hosting (WSS Hosting)

You can also use Windows SharePoint Services as a development platform for creating collaboration and information-sharing applications. A SharePoint web site will allow you to communicate and share information more effectively. It provides a central location for all of your department's information so you can quickly share documents, contact lists, tasks, discussions and more. SharePoint Hosting is very powerful intranet portal developed by Microsoft and now we made it available for you with just one low monthly fee($5.00). You couldn't find this deal anywhere.

We only charge recurring $5 for Sharepoint website. That is all we charged. No extra or hidden monthly fees.

Windows Share Point Hosting Features

Windows Share Point Web Hosting allows you to create Web sites for information sharing and document collaboration, to increase your individual and team productivity. Windows SharePoint Hosting sites take file storage to a new level, providing communities for team collaboration and empowering users to collaborate on documents, tasks, contacts, events, and other information. Windows SharePoint Services enables team and site managers to easily manage site content and user activity. The environment is designed for easy and flexible deployment, administration and application development.

SharePoint Web Hosting Team Community

SharePoint sites provide places to capture and share ideas, information, communication, and documents. The sites facilitate team participation in discussions, shared document collaboration, and surveys. Site content is accessible from both a Web browser and through clients that support Web Services. The document collaboration features allow for easy check in, check out and document version control.

How Easy is to Manage your SharePoint Portal?

SharePoint site managers can customize the content and layout of sites to ensure that site members can access and work with important and relevant information. Members’ participation can also be monitored and moderated when necessary. Security and task responsibilities are both flexible and easily accessible. Well-designed lists and entire sites can be saved as templates and reused by individuals, teams, or business units across an organization.

SharePoint Collaborate Easily and Effectively

Windows SharePoint Services helps teams stay connected and productive by providing easy access to the people, documents, and information they need to make more informed decisions and get the job done. Enhancements in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 make it easier than ever to share documents, track tasks, use e-mail efficiently and effectively, and share ideas and information.

  • Provide a single workspace for teams to coordinate schedules, organize documents, and participate in discussions—within the organization and over the extranet.
  • Easily author and manage documents, and help to ensure their integrity with enhanced features including the option to require document checkout before editing, the ability to view past revisions and restore to previous versions, and the ability to set document-specific security.
  • Help people and teams stay on task with a variety of communication features that let users know when actions are required or important changes are made to existing information or documentation, including announcements, sophisticated alerts, surveys, and discussion boards
  • Provide creative forums for brainstorming ideas, building knowledge bases, or simply gathering information in an easy-to-edit format with new templates for implementing blogs (also known as weblogs) and wikis (Web sites that can be quickly edited by team members—no special technical knowledge required).
  • Stay productive while mobile with enhanced support for offline synchronization through Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 that users can use to manage document libraries, lists, calendars, contacts, tasks, and discussion boards even offline, and to synchronize changes when reconnected to the network.

Get Started Quickly with Windows SharePoint Services

As a built-in component of Windows Server 2003, Windows SharePoint Services makes it easy for IT departments to implement a dependable, scalable collaboration infrastructure with minimal administrative time and effort. Close integration of Windows SharePoint Services with familiar tools for authoring, publishing, organizing, and finding information, including the Microsoft Office system, helps users get up to speed quickly.

  • Simplify the creation and navigation of workspaces with the improved user interface and site creation tools in Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 that provide easy-to-use templates, professional-looking site themes, and the ability to rearrange site navigation from within the browser.
  • Make it easy for users to get up to speed quickly by providing integration with familiar productivity tools such as those found in the Microsoft Office system—users can create workspaces, post and edit documents, and view and update calendars on SharePoint sites, all while working within Microsoft Office system files and programs.
  • Track work and tasks more easily with enhanced integration with Office Outlook 2007 that helps users organize calendars, tasks, contact lists, discussion boards, and meetings.
  • Customize workspaces with new application templates that provide custom scenarios for building workflows on the Windows SharePoint Services platform that address specific business processes or sets of tasks.
  • Implement a collaboration environment with minimal administrative time and effort, and with the flexibility to change deployment settings.

Additional Windows Sharepoint (WSS Features)

  • Accessibility - From any Internet access point in the world.
  • Tools - No new software needed. If you are running Microsoft Office XP or Office 2003 and Internet Explorer 4.01 or higher, you've already got the tools!
  • Security ­ You administer access levels ­ who can read, edit or upload files. Restrict sensitive areas, offer global access to others
  • E-mail - E-mail is included with all SharePoint Services plans.
  • Support - 724 Web Hosting provides 24/7 network and technical support.
Newest Updates to WSS Hosting

We just launch and support WSS 3 Hosting
Windows Sharepoint 3 is the newest edition for Sharepoint 3. It includes many new features from the previous version of Sharepoint. As always, there is no hidden fees or extra monthly fee to host WSS 3 on our hosting plan.


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