IIS 7 Hosting on Microsoft Windows 2008

A WebhostforASP.NET is now offering IIS 7 Hosting with Windows 2008 Platform. We are proud to be few of the hosting providers that offer IIS 7 Web Hosting. IIS 7 is the next generation of the webservers that being launched by Microsoft to sit on Windows 2008 Platform. Only Windows 2008 Server support IIS 7 Platform.

Windows Hosting Plan that support IIS 7 hosting

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  • Built for the Web

    WebhostforASP.NET uses IIS 7 which simplifies use the web server management for some purpose. IIS 7 is able to provide a simplified, task-based hosting management interface, complete features and facilities, greater cross-site control, new security enhancements features, and integrated health management for Web Services applications to manage your web more reliable. With some features found in IIS 7 hosting apps and .NET Framework apps, our customers able to efficiently connect users to each other and to their data faster. Users are able to visualize and share data on a much higher level.

  • IIS 7 hosting offers FastCGI support!

    FastCGI provides a high-performance features as alternative to the Common Gateway Interface (CGI), a standard way of interfacing external applications with Web servers, especially if you want increase your web performance. With FastCGI support and PHP configured in this hosting app, you can to take advantage of FastCGI on your IIS8, also you'll get benefit from the ease of development of PHP, the performance boost of FastCGI, the stability and security of IIS 8 hosting. Webhostforasp.net is pleased to offer FastCGI on IIS 7 Hosting, and you can get various plans for that features.

  • Pipeline Mode Selector

    IIS 7.5 and previous versions allowed the development of .NET application components through the ASP.NET platform. ASP.NET integrated with IIS apps via an ISAPI extension, and exposed its own application and request processing model. This effectively exposed two separate server pipelines, one for native ISAPI filters and extension components, and another for managed application components. ASP.NET components would execute entirely inside the ASP.NET ISAPI extension bubble and only for requests mapped to ASP.NET in the IIS script map configuration.

  • IIS 7 offers ASP.NET integration built into the IIS core making IIS 7 hosting even faster!

    IIS 8.5 hosting allows some website applications to leverage the power and extensibility of ASP.NET technology, especially for some hosting applications that integrated. ASP.NET features including forms-based authentication, membership, session state and many others can be used for all types of web content, providing a unified experience across the entire of your web application. Developers can now use the familiar ASP.NET newest features, extensibility model and rich .NET API's to build IIS 7 server apps that are just as powerful native API's.

  • Web Hosting Plan in WebhostforASP.NET

    All our plans offered in this website only hosted in Windows Server platform only. And we are the only one in the market can offer hosting with this low prices. We fully Support MS SQL Express, SharePoint, DotNetNuke, PHPBB and much more. You can start host all the available free software in the market with our cheapest plan also.


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